Our story

How we met

Once upon a time, a product manager invited her engineer out for drinks. Shortly after, they fell in love. They moved into the cutest yellow house and started their life together in Seattle. Now, they are making it official! Can’t wait to celebrate with you on April 25th in Barcelona.

All the event details

The plan


Saturday April 25th

Ctra. de Mollet a Moià, km 23.8, 08182 Sant Feliu de Codines

The ceremony, dinner, and party will all take place at La Baronía (45 minute drive from Barcelona). We will arrange transportation from a meeting point in Barcelona and Martorell for all of our guests. We booked the venue until well after midnight, so bring your dancing shoes!


Friday April 24th

Passeig de Gràcia, 132, 08008 Barcelona

You are all invited for our pre-wedding party. Please meet us for sunset tapas and cocktails on the rooftop of Hotel Casa Fuster in Barcelona.

Sant Jordi

All day
Thursday April 23rd

Carrer de Blai, 08004 Barcelona

Sant Jordi is a special holiday in Catalonia (see FAQ). We encourage you to spend the day exploring the decorations in Barcelona. In the evening, we would like to meet on a street called Carrer de Blai for a casual hang out. Grab a tapa and copa de vino from one of the many bars, and share stories about your day.


Tell us if you are coming, please

It is so easy to make us happy. Just fill out the following form by December 1st.


Where to stay

Barcelona offers tons of options. We recommend staying in the Eixample or Gràcia neighborhoods. We typically use Booking.com to find reliable hotels and apartments (we don't recommend Airbnb in Barcelona). Karolina and Dídac will stay at Hotel Casa Fuster. If you are interested in staying there, please mention our names to get a discount.

Your presence is a present

Wedding Registry

You are invited because we love you and appreciate your continued love and support. Your presence is more than enough. If you wish to contribute to our married life, here is our wedding registry:

Additional information


Why did we pick this date?

April 23rd is Sant Jordi, a beautiful festival in Barcelona. This is Catalonia’s day of love and books. Traditionally, women give their loved one a book, and men give their lady a red rose. Dídac always gives Karolina roses AND a book. The city is covered in red roses and book stands.

What is the dress code?

The wedding will be formal. We recommend long dresses for ladies and suits or tuxes for gents. No jeans please. The Friday event at Hotel Casa Fuster will be cocktail attire. Cocktail dresses and casual suits are preferred.

Can kids come?

Given the logistics and duration of the wedding, we ask that kids stay home. We are happy to help arrange a trusted babysitter.

Is Thor coming?

Thor doesn’t like flights that are longer than four hours. He will stay in Seattle with his lovely girlfriend, Brûlée. We promise that we will show him all the photos.


Where is our honeymoon?


Which languages do people speak?

About half of the guests are locals from Catalonia and other regions of Spain so they speak both Catalan and Spanish. The guests coming from overseas and Poland speak English and Polish respectively.

What dates should I plan to be there?

We recommend flying to Barcelona the week prior to enjoy the area and participate in all the events on the 23rd, 24th, and 25th. Karolina and Dídac will be arriving on April 19th and leaving for their honeymoon on April 28th.

What is the weather?

The weather during this time of year is usually a sunny 65 to 70 F. Bring layers and a jacket for the evenings.

What can I expect from a wedding in Spain that is different from a wedding in the US?

Pace yourself. There will be a lot of food and alcohol. Eating dinner is a 4 hour process with multiple courses. An average wedding lasts 12+ hours. Feel free to bring a change of comfortable shoes to the venue.